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Classical Blast presents special concert shows perfect for a variety of concert venues large and small, from school auditoriums, concert halls, churches, theaters and other concert settings. These professional themed shows appeal to a broad audience of all ages and can be tailored for your specific needs. The shows can also include stage props, a variety of special guest artists and more, depending on venue size or budget. In any case, they are always uniquely “Classical Blast"… a mash of classical, rock, pop and other music presented as only they can arrange and perform it. It’s the past, present and future together in perfect harmony!

Classical Blast in Kilts

Classical Blast's Rockin' Celtic show is the perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s Month and all things Celtic! The show features traditional Irish & Scottish music, songs by contemporary Irish bands like Dropkick Murphies, Cranberries, Snow Patrol, movie themes, plus their versions of classic rock melded with Celtic & classical music. It's a unique and exciting blend of world music and rock for a raucous good time with these exceptional musicians. Perfect for theaters, bars, festivals and Celtic-themed celebrations of all kinds.

Classical Blast in Kilts!


Bach 2 Rock

Classical Blast performs classic rock music... melded with famed classical music… all on classical & rock instruments. Their “Bach to Rock” Tribute Show features classic rock music from late 60s to current all mashed with music by the great composers: Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Chopin and others. Make no mistake, this show ROCKS! It’s a thrill ride through history… unique, exciting entertainment for any audience, the perfect show for theaters, students, fests and more.

Bach to Rock: Classic Rock Tribute to Classical Composers


"You have an amazing amount of talent and vision and I'm in love with Metamorphosis. I cried through the end of (the movie) King’s Speech which featured that Beethoven Symphony. It's very powerful and you did something very moving with it.”

—Cassie Coburn, From Bach to Rock show attendee


Yule Concert

Dark Side of the Yule: Christmas Meets Classic Rock

Classical Blast melds classic rock and Christmas in this exhilarating concert experience that’s sure to become an annual holiday tradition. Combining rock hits from Metallica to Pink Floyd with their unique take on traditional carols and classical favorites, Classical Blast has created one of the most unusual and enjoyable holiday shows to be found. It’s eye and ear candy the Sugarplum Fairy herself could be proud of. With guest vocalists and musicians, storytelling and unforgettable music, it’s a Christmas show that can suit any venue. From intimate 100 seat spaces to 1000 seat concert halls, let Classical Blast bring their brand of Christmas to your patrons this year!

Dark Side of the Yule Video Promo:


What a great holiday concert last night (at Joliet History Museum)!! Our kids loved it, too! Where else can you see and hear The Nutcracker blended into a Metallica song, and with a ballerina to boot. Once in a lifetime show!

Tim P.


"Classical Blast gives Christmas music a twisted glow"

— Bob Kostanczuk, Chicago Tribune

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